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Spoznajte zgodbe naših »ambasadorjev prijateljstva« v ZDA ter njihovo zaupanje v Slovenijo. Želimo izpostaviti in povezati izjemne posameznike, ki so zaradi svojih dosežkov in pozitivnega odnosa do Slovenije naši veliki prijatelji.

Jupiter - Florida, FL

Terry Anzur

Journalist, international media trainer and Slovene-American

Born in the USA and raised in Southern California, I went to high school in the San Francisco Bay Area, where one of my classmates was Steve Jobs. After graduation at Stanford University, I started in print journalism until TV discovered me. I reported and anchored for TV stations in Rhode Island, West Virginia, Miami, Atlanta, and Houston. I worked for CBS in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. I covered Washington DC for NBC and the America's Talkng network. In 2008 I started a consulting firm to train journalists and public relations practitioners.

I grew up thinking that I was of Austrian descent because my father was very proud of the fact that his father served in the army of emperor Franc Joseph. At that time I was working for a TV station in New York and a friend of mine introduced me to the Austrian ambassador as a famous Austrian-American journalist. When I said my ancestors were from a small town near Ljubljana, the ambassador informed me that I was in fact a Slovene, not Austrian.

We came on a family trip in 2009 and we fell in love with Slovenia. Coming from Los Angeles, there is a huge contrast with the people. In Los Angeles, you have to do everything in the car; meeting a friend for coffee can mean a two-hour drive each way. In Ljubljana, you step outside the door and have a coffee with your friend. It is a change for the better. I also admire Slovenia's consciousness of the environment and the fact that you can get fresh food from the farmers' market daily. My son and I are proud to be citizens of Slovenia through our ancestry and I end up visiting Slovenia a couple of times a year.

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